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Snack for the trip…


Snacks and eating are of course a part of any fishing trip. If you do not wish to bring your own meal with you, you can leave the mealtime organising to us. The meal or snack will be organised and fitted into the schedule according to the wishes of the customer.

In case of a shorter or more fishing-oriented trip, the right choice would be a lighter snack on the boat. Ordinarily it includes mixed salad, a bread roll, coffee, tea and a sweet bun. As the name suggests, this meal is enjoyed on the boat, allowing more time for fishing.

For a whole day’s trip we recommend a bit heftier island meal. The food will be cooked over an atmospheric open fire at a “kota”, a traditional Sami dwelling. You can choose from a lighter soup with side dishes, or a heartier meal of smoked or flame-cooked fish (loimukala).

We prefer to prepare the soup from the fish from our own lakes or the deer from the local forests.

For the dessert, you have a choice between some coffee cooked over an open fire and for example open fire pancakes (muurikkaletut), guaranteed to taste delicious…

After eating it will be nice to continue fishing. The sunset gives the landscape some lovely colours and the day will leave a nice memory.